Frequently Asked Questions

About Automobile Insurance

+ Why does my vehicle need to be insured commercially?

It is important to rate your vehicle properly based on your daily use. If you are using your vehicle as a company vehicle or to drive around the city (or outside of the city) to different job sites each day, it must be rated commercially. In the event of an accident, a claim can potentially be denied if your vehicle is not rated properly. Please contact your licensed broker to update/ensure your vehicle rating is up to date.

+ How can I lower my vehicle insurance costs?

Inquire with your licensed broker about shopping your policy. At DeJong’s we have the ability to shop your policy to many potential markets each year.

Ensure you have all discounts that apply to you. These discounts may include combined auto/home discount, loyalty discount, aftermarket anti-theft device discount, conviction free discount, occupational and many more.

+ Are my tools or equipment which are stored in my vehicle covered under my commercial automobile policy in the event of a loss?

No. Tools, equipment and stock are not covered under your commercial automobile insurance policy. The automobile policy covers loss or damage to your vehicle only.

Coverage for tools, equipment and stock stored in your vehicle or trailer is purchased on a commercial property policy.

About Home & Renters Insurance

+ If my garage burns down, will my homeowners insurance cover my car?

No, your homeowners insurance does not cover a loss to your car. In order for your car to be covered, you must carry comprehensive physical damage coverage on your auto policy.

+ What insurance covers my jewellery for theft?

Theft coverage is included on most homeowners and tenant insurance policies. The coverage included for jewellery on the package policy can be very limited – for most companies, there may be a total limit of $6,000. If you want to cover a piece of jewellery for its true value, you can ‘schedule’ it separately on the policies by submitting an appraisal if it is high valued or a receipt for purchase to your insurance broker.

+ I've never made a claim on my house, why are my premiums increasing?

Due to the rising number of catastrophic weather related events such as hail storms, forest fires, flooding and heavy rainfall - home insurance premiums have been steadily increasing. These events have resulted in a rise in the number of overall insurance claims, and claim payouts. Combined with increased building costs and aging infrastructure, these factors all contribute to higher premiums. Contact your DeJong's professional to explore your options!

About Business & Commercial Property Insurance

+ Can I insure loss of income to my business?

Yes. Business Interruption coverage can be added to protect your business from loss of income in the event of an insurable loss (ie. Fire, flood) which may cause your business to be temporarily closed/interrupted.

About Recreational Insurance

+ If I add accessories to my recreational vehicle, are they automatically covered?

No. If you have accessories such as a winch or aesthetic upgrades added on to your dirtbike, motorcycle or ATV, you must advise your broker to ensure the recreational vehicles are insured to value.

About Travel Insurance

+ Do I need travel insurance even if I'm travelling within Canada?

Yes! Even though many medical costs are covered through agreements between provinces, some aren't. Air ambulances and other expensive medical costs are not. When you purchase travel insurance you won't have to worry about costly medical bills outside your home province.